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Obsolescence Treatment

An alternative to issues related to obsolete electronic parts

In a world, where military end users are attempting to extend lifespan of their equipment, DETI is an alternative to problems related to obsolete electronic parts.

The electronical components life cycle has drastically decreased since the 1960’s,  going from 25 years in average to 3 or 4 years nowadays.  Therefore, for our customers,  it’s become mandatory  to manage the obsolescence treatment in order to limit the risks over productivity, costs and to ensure a long term availability of their systems.

Thanks to its how know in MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul), DETI can analyse and suggest the best solution for modules subjected to long cycles of use.

We are especially used to dealing with obsolete parts for on–board electronic systems. Those systems can be dedicated to aircrafts, submarines or vessels.

For example, we can mention:

  • Microwave modules;
  • Jammers;
  • Components and antennas for radars systems;
  • Radars detectors;
  • Electronic warfare equipment;

As each customer has its own issues, we do our best to exactly adapt to its constraints and challenges.

DETI Microwave - platine amplificateur

Example:  Case of defective, failed, or degraded modules

After a complete analysis of the failed device, we set possible scenarios to follow in order to regain its original capabilities. Depending ont the situation, customers will choose between those senarios that can be a repair (when it is possible) or a re-manufacture of the module (reverse engineering). Finally, for a device that had to be maintained on a longer term,  we can suggest total or partial redesign studies in substitution of obsolete functions.