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Design to specification

We design your product

DETI is specialised in the design & manufacture of RF and microwave components to meet specific requirements that might not otherwise be available. Standard parts don’t always have the specification you are looking for: this is where we step in.

From the briefest of specifications, and using the very latest technology, our in-house microwave engineers can turn your concept into a working and fully tested product, ready to be integrated to your projects.

With over twenty five years of experience in RF components and modules for radio-communication, Satcom, Electronic warfare and EMC testing or lab test applications, DETI SAS has designed and produced many bespoke electronic products for military and civil industries. Providing our customers with the very best services and solutions, we have been giving to them a competitive advantage in their markets.

DETI Microwave from standard microwave product to bespoke

How do we proceed?

Our work of design starts with the preliminary technical study of our customer need, based on a more or less detailed specification according to the project.

At the first step, we define the perimeter of the projects and point out the technical salient features.

Thanks to exchanges and a work hand-to hand with customers, we finalize the specifications adapted to a solution that matched their technical and financial objectives.

This step-by-step process involves critical reviews and a deep system of check from conceptual design, to build and test.

We are used to work with big organization and can deal with a complete development plan with milestones reviews:

  • Kick off Review,
  • Preliminary Design Review
  • Critical Design Review
  • Test Readiness Review
  • Qualification tests on prototypes
  • Manufacturing readiness review
  • First Article configuration Review

The acceptance of the prototype will lead to the production stage. Then DETI will be able to produce your device whatever the volume you need.