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In front of deindustrialisation of the French electronic industry in the nineties, Gilles PICARD had the dream to set up his own firm, in disruption with the global strategic tendency of larger organisations to end with French manufacture.

With 25 years of experience in Thomson CSF as successively engineer, technical manager and then commercial manager, he decided to set-up DETI in 1995, in collaboration with his daughter, Aude PICARD, newly graduated in international business.

They together set up the firm and got in association with other engineers with many decades of hands-on experience in microwave design and industrial technologies.

DETI then began operation designing and manufacturing passive custom RF and microwave filters, duplexers and subassemblies for military and commercial markets.

The company, since then, developed a reputation for producing very reliable parts for the military industries: Very wide frequency bands, low loss and high power performance were what set DETI apart from its competitors.

In 2012, Gilles went to retiree and Aude PICARD became general manager, after 17 years as administrative and financial manager.

In 2019, she became major owner and Chairperson of the company. DETI can be considered as a Woman Owned Small Company, despite this certification doesn’t exist in France.

The managing pool is completed by Emmanuel Michaut, Deputy Director and Commercial Manager and Sylvain Mellaza as Technical Director.


Today, DETI has widened his range to the whole DC-50 GHz band and produces RF and microwave solutions serving niche segments such as ground satcom, radars, electronic warfare and EMC testing. DETI’s offer includes, among others, custom and standard filters, power dividers, directional couplers and high power combiners. Their design is based on the best combinations of technologies to meet the specifications: core technologies, microstrip, stripline, suspended substrate, coaxial or waveguide.

DETI’s solutions

Still independent, DETI focuses on high quality, service and dependability for its customers.

Specialized in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art products with unique electronic architectures, DETI’s team continuously design and upgrade a wide array of proprietary products for new applications and customers which require bespoke solutions.

DETI also offer high technical and technological expertise for evolution of its customers proprietary devices in the perimeter of obsolescence process or modernization such as repairing, reverse-engineering, up-grade with industrialisation or alternative solutions with new design.



– Custom-engineered and standard devices at an effective cost 

– High power multi-octave broadband designs

– Flexibility, proximity, responsiveness :   You don’t exactly find in our pages the product you need ? You are not sure about your design ? Let’s have a talk. No intermediary. Each request is handled by an engineer in charge of your projects.

– MADE IN FRANCE : All our items are designed by our team of engineers set up in France. More than 95 % of our procurements are coming from French or European manufacturers. We integrate and test our products in our own production line based in our facility. French Customs gave us the certificate of Made in France. Certificate of origin can be provide on request.

– ITAR Free : All of our products are ITAR free. CECC can be provided on request.

– 3 YEAR WARRANTY : as a proof of our products high quality, we offer a 3 year warranty on all of them.