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Design Capabilities

Design is the heart of our activity and we consider it like a technical art.

Committed to satisfying our customers’ issues and challenges,  we do our best to quickly deliver efficient and fully tailored designs.

To make this possible, we continuously invest in powerful workstations equipped with up-dated simulation and modeling software :

We combine our modelling and simulation expertise with our mastery of advanced and cutting-edge technologies to offer our customers the most efficient solutions at cost-effective.

  • Electromagnetic simulation software: Ansoft HFSS, Ansoft Designer, Ansoft Optimetrics,
  • In-House Engineering Simulation Tools
  • Solid Edge 3D CAD software
  • Calculation and programming software
  • Genesys RF and microwave design software
  • PCB design software
DETI Microwave - microwave simulation

Manufacturing Capabilities

After the design of the various elements of our product, drawings and 3D models are then send to be produced in subcontractors’ facilities. All those part are then assembled in House by our skilled technicians.

Our local subcontractors, with whom we share common ethnics and business objectives, are certified ISO 9001 and EN9100.  All along our business relationship, we exercise due diligence to ensure they always perform at the highest level of quality. Our close geographic location facilitates long-term and strong cooperation.

In this way, we focus on our core competencies of design, developing and testing while being able to face to unexpected fluctuations in production load. Hence, our organization can easily be adapted to customers’ needs from production of single units to volume production.

For others procurements (Off-the shelf), we favour a French or European source. This reduces our dependence on imported components. As an advantage, we are less sensitive to evolution of restrictive export regulations. Furthermore, it keeps us partially out of any global shortage from electronic parts.

Thanks to our organisation, our small team is able to maintain high quality standards and production flexibility in various technologies such as printed circuits, lumped elements, waveguide, toroidal magnetic core technology or thick-film technology.

Capabilities of Testing and Qualification Tests

Stringent controls and measurements during the whole production cycle are an essential part of our activity.

Our components are individually tested and data registered.

Retrieval of tests results are synthesized or compiled in a test report. Different options are available to fit customers’ needs.

Testing can include some common tests (dimensional measurements, electrical tests, low level tests, thermal test, humidity/heat) as well as any qualification tests according international military and aeronautical standards and customer’s specification :

  • Random vibrations test and Mechanical shock
  • Thermal shock,
  • Salt spray, Cooling, icing,
  • Gross leak
  • Stress testing
  • Pressure/Altitude
  • Fluid contamination
  • Pyrotechnic schocks
  • EMC …

All our equipment is regularly dully verified.

For complete campaign of qualification tests, we implement the tests programs in collaboration with local laboratories, such as Emitech, DGA-MI, l’Institut de la corrosion.

Each test is done under the  mastery of a DETI’s member.

The qualification by a third party guarantees the independence of the tests campaign.

DETI Microwave - vna MS46122B


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