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Get our catalog DETI MICROWAVE IN HOUSE DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE Cutting-edge, Next Generation Systems or Obsolescence Treatment: DETI supports you in your RF and microwave challenges on all your commercial and military markets
Slide 2 Our R&D team designs Custom-made product to meet your specific needs. Get in touch with our engineers now! TOROIDAL MAGNETIC CORES TECHNOLOGY FOR BROADBAND HIGH POWER COMBINER Ask An Engineer Slide 3 500 MHz to 18 GHz RUGGED HIGHPASS FILTER FOR ELECTRONIC WARFARE SYSTEM View products DETI MICROWAVE HIGH PASS FILTER 001594 PICT1 We offer a large range of cost-effective standard parts. Reliable and robust, our products are guaranteed for 3 years!
DETI Microwave 3-Year Warranty

3-year warranty

Made In France by DETI Microwave

Made in France

ITAR Free Components by DETI Microwave

No Export Control

Direct talk with DETI RF and microwave engineer

Direct talk with microwave engineer

What Clients Say

  • We are looking for supplier of high power low-loss dual directional couplers as we have a very strong product line from 80 MHz to 40 GHz. It is difficult to find a supplier like DETI that offer broadband products.

    -- We offer high power broadband products on a large frequency range. --
  • Many suppliers today just sell of-the-shelf products without any customization available. They usually have very small product range and don’t show any interest to go outside of their scope. Deti was willing to go as deep as they can to fit our needs.

    -- Our shop offer is just an example of what we can do. Feel free to ask us. --
  • We usually get couplers from American manufacturers, but they are often very unresponsive and offer very long-lead times. DETI is quick responsive and make its best to cope with our lead- times goals.

    -- Your objectives are our main concern. --
  • I was not sure what type of filter was needed for my project. DETI came back to me with a couple of solutions helping me finding the right compromise between cost and performances

    -- We match your specifications. --
  • We used to buy power divider/combiner form well-known big suppliers, but we were seeking for a manufacturer as agile and innovating as we are. Finding DETI allowed us to be closer to the market and to meet our customer needs.

    -- We innovate to be close to your markets needs. --
  • We could not find good combiner and coupler solutions for the 2.0-8. GHz and 6-18GHz range, only lossy and not very flat traditional stripline couplers. DETI came back to us with a suitable solution.

    -- Find here your high performance devices. --


DETI is specialized in developing new components and subassemblies for front-end radar, Electronic Warfare (EW), land-based and embedded Telecommunications and for testing purpose of  Electromagnetic Compatibility Industry (EMC).

DETI also provides bespoke solutions for maintenance, repair or up-grade of embedded Defense equipment.



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We provide technical notes to describe, in an easy to reach way, how our passive products work, helping you making the choice that fits your needs.

Check out our catalog to get an overview of our major parts.

Technical notes

DETI Microwave Technical Notes RF Microwave Engineering

RF & Microwave


DETI Microwave Catalog View parts

View parts

Power Divider

Large range of broadband Wilkinson stripline and narrow band high power Gysel products in 2 up to 16 ways with frequency ranges up to 40 GHz.

wilkinson power divider


power combiner Gysel